Erja the Queen of votes on Tähdet Tähdet! (Stars Stars)

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Erja the Queen of votes on Tähdet Tähdet! (Stars Stars)

Erja shone in the first episode of Tähdet Tähdet (Stars Stars)!!

She won the biggest amount of votes for her performance! Despite of the fact that the live broadcast which went for almost million viewers around the nation experienced some technical issues with syncing the sound and the film.

The genre of the first episode of this playful singing contest was a dance pop and Erja sang a hit song “Bang Bang” by three singer ladies Jessie J, Nicky Minaj and Ariana Grande. The song has a demanding rap section and that got audience cheering as long Erja step outside of her comfort zone..!

Tähdet Tähdet (Stars Stars) is a MTV3 music program between ten competitors who sing every week different music genres. Every singer will be in the competition for four weeks and after that they start to dropping competitors off. Next week´s theme will be love songs <3. So remember to watch.. and vote!!

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